LightLine offer a comprehensive service for lining and finishing your 16mm or G scale locomotive. Choose from a wide range of liveries, either prototypical or 'might have been'.

Have a look at how others have had their locos lined out before taking the plunge. It's a big decision which you're going to live with for a long time, so take your time.

As well as the examples shown on this website I have dozens of photos you can browse through at leisure. Whatever Livery you choose, the end result will be one you can be proud of and which brings your locomotive to life!

All Prices are effective from February 2016.

Probably the largest independent guide to 16mm locomotives anywhere in the world in our 'Search By Manufacturer' section!

Now with over 1000 photographs!!

Apologies that the site has not been updated for several weeks, due to a change made by the hosting provider. Hopefully this is now resolved and new information and pictures will be uploaded shortly.

An Articulation of Garratts

 If you had to invent the collective noun to describe a gathering of Garratts, I think 'Articulation' would be as good a choice as any.  These four are shown to demonstrate once again the wide range of colours and schemes owners have gone for.  Most have plumped for the prototypical livery in various shades of Green of course, but there's been a fair sprinkling of other schemes and colours to relieve my boredom.

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